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Key Features
Affordable Powerful Reports
Scalable Easy To Use
Available Easy To Share Information
Customizable Centralized
Secure Expandable
You get an enterprise class solution capable of tracking millions of records.  If you were to build your own system from scratch you would have to buy hardware such as routers, database servers, web servers, UPS units, etc.  In addition, you'd have to pay programmers to build it and administrators to monitor it.  With ScribeBase you are up and running with the click of a mouse.  Your ROI is met in days, not years.
No Risk
ScribeBase is free to try.  Try it out.  Load it with data.  If you like it, continue to use it.  Billing is performed on a monthly basis based on the number of users you have.  That's it!  There are no long term contracts and no long term commitments.
Start Small
Because the system is scalable, you can start small with a few records used by a few users and can grow to millions of records used by your entire organization.
Setup Wizard
The Setup Wizard will step you through a series of questions so that it can build your initial database, windows, etc. for you automatically.
Powerful Reports
Real Time
All Reports and Views in the system are "real time".  This means the days of waiting for reports are over.  As soon as data is entered into the system, it appears in the reports.
Almost all Reports and Views in the system can be customized
Personal Reports
Once you have created a Report or View, you can save it to a Personal folder for future use.
Shared Reports
Saved reports can be placed in a Public folder to share it with the rest or the group, team, or organization.  (Requires Administrator Role.)
E-Mail, Download, or Print
Once you run a report, you have the option to e-mailing, download it to a spreadsheet or send it to your local or network printer. 
Easy To Use
Expert Knowledge Not Required
You don't need to be a database expert or programmer to create a custom web application for your organization.
Setup Wizard
The Setup Wizard will step you through a series of questions so that it can build your initial database, windows, etc. for you automatically. 
Import Data Wizard
The Import Data Wizard will help you quickly get the system populated with your existing data. 
Easy To Share Information
Shared Over The Web
You can share your application with anyone by simply providing them with a login account and password.  There is nothing for them to install on their workstation.
My Eyes Only
Data in the system can not be viewed by others until the are given "read access".  Access can be given one individual at a time or it can be given to a group of individuals by using roles.
Role Based Sharing
Each user is given a role.  Based on the user's role he/she will have different access to different data.  For example, you could configure the system so that your sales people could be given a Sales Role which enables them to create and view their own sales orders and order fulfillment people could be given an Order Fulfillment role which enables them to read all orders, but does not allow them to delete orders. 
Outside Sharing
You can even create special login accounts to allow your outside contacts to have access to pieces of information.  For example, you could let big customers view their statements or let your distributors enter their monthly depletions.
Add New Database Tables
As you discover new types of data you'd like to track in the system, you can simply add new database tables to accommodate the new data.
Customize Edit Windows
You can add new fields to edit windows and can arrange the fields however you'd like. 
Customize Print Layouts
You can create custom print layouts for each of the system's edit windows.  This way you can arrange your data input window one way for quick data entry, but can have it arranged differently when it is printed.
Available 24 x 7
The system is available 24 x 7.
Real Time
Data is available in real time.  This means that as soon as a record is entered by one user, it can be viewed by another. 
Backed Up
Data is backed up throughout each day. 
Since the data is centralized in one location, it is easy to backup.  Data is backed up throughout each day.
Since the system is centralized in one location, upgrades and updates occur at one location.  There is nothing to install on workstations though out the organization.
Backed Up
Data is backed up throughout each day.  In addition, duplicate copies of the data are also backed up to a second data center for further protection. 
Password Protection
Data is only available to registered users who provide a valid login account and security password.
Data is encrypted while traveling across the internet using Secure Socket Layers (SSL).  SSL is used by business all across the web to protect online transactions.
Data is stored on firewall protected servers which are housed in biometrically secured rooms and data centers.
    We have expanded ScribeBase to work with QuickBooks. Customer, Supplier, Sales, Purchases, and Product data all flow to QuickBooks.
We Can Expand It!
Even though ScribeBase is flexible and customizable, there still might be a special feature or function that you need. If you have a special request, let us know so that we can add it in!
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