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Feature Spotlight
Integration With QuickBooks
If your organization uses QuickBooks accounting software, it will now be able import ScribeBase invoices into QuickBooks or export QuickBooks invoices to ScribeBase.

Integration of these two products together now means that your Sale and Customer Support teams can access all of their Lead, Contact, Customer, Order, Sales, etc. information from ScribeBase, while the Finance and Accounting teams can continue to obtain their Accounts Receivable and Financial Statements from QuickBooks.

If your organization is invoicing its customers from ScribeBase, then it can use the new QuickBooks Import feature to import the ScribeBase invoice data into QuickBooks.  (This is the configuration that most organizations will want to use.)
If your organization uses QuickBooks to print it invoices, then it can use the new QuickBooks Export feature to export the QuickBooks invoice data from QuickBooks to ScribeBase.
QuickBooks Requirements
This new feature only works with QuickBooks for Windows Desktop. The supported QuickBooks for Windows Desktop versions include:
 - QuickBooks Pro
 - QuickBooks Premier
 - QuickBooks Enterprise
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