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How Will You Use ScribeBase?
One of the biggest features of ScribeBase is that you can customize it to fit the way you do business.  ScribeBase's built in Wizards and Tools will help you customize windows, reports, fields, etc all on your own.  However, if you need even further customization, contact us and we'll customize it for you!

Listed below are examples of customers in different industries that had specific requests or needs, so we customized ScribeBase even further to meet those needs and made the enhancements available to other customers in the same industry at no extra charge!

If you continue to come up with creative ways to use ScribeBase, we'll continue to make ScribeBase work for you! 

Wine & Spirits Laboratories
Beverages Financial Institutions
Telecommunications Fairs And Expos
Shipping And Trucking Agriculture
Professional Associations
Wine & Spirits
  Depletion Tracking
Suppliers are receiving depletion levels directly from their Distributors. The Supplier provides each Distributor with a Login Account and Password that enables the Distributor to view, add and update its own depletion levels in the Supplier's database.  Now the Supplier has all of it's depletion information in a single location where it can run depletions reports by Distributor, Market, Region, Product, etc.
  Display Tracking
Some beverage Suppliers/Importers require their Distributors to make sure that a certain number of "displays" are on the floor of each Retailer's store.  One Supplier is using ScribeBase to track these "display" counts.  Each week the Supplier's Distributors enter the Display numbers for the Supplier into ScribeBase.  This enables the Supplier to quickly run reports to see if the contracted number of displays are on the floor of each Retailers.  Having a centralized system for tracking all of the "display" numbers has saved the Supplier from the e-mails, faxes and headaches of gathering "display" counts.
Order Tracking
A Telecommunications Carrier is using the system as a order entry/order tracking system for its Authorized Sales Agents.  The Telecommunications Carrier needed orders to arrive from its Authorized Sales Agents in a standard electronic format. Since the Telecommunications Carrier couldn't provide Authorized Sales Agents access to it's internal system, and since many of the Authorized Sales Agents couldn't modify their own order entry systems, ScribeBase came to the rescue.  Now the Authorized Sales Agents can enter their orders in ScribeBase, and ScribeBase forwards the orders to the Telecommunications Carrier in the format it needs.
Shipping And Trucking
Shipment Tracking
A Trucking Company had several different offices which dispatched trucks and shipments, but it didn't have a centralized location where the dispatchers could go to cross-reference which trucks and drivers were available.  Since ScribeBase is on the web, the different offices were able to use ScribeBase as a centralized tracking system and they didn't have to install any new network or server hardware to do it!
Professional Associations
Membership Management
Professional Associations are using the system to track their members.  They are using the system to perform such tasks as tracking member names and addresses, generating mailing labels, tracking payment of dues, and mailing of newsletters.
Specimen Tracking
A lab is using the system to track specimen information.  Since new fields can quickly be added in ScribeBase, the lab can quickly create new fields for tracking the results of new tests.  The lab no longer needs to wait for its internal IT department to make changes to windows and reports.
Financial Institutions 
Sales Campaign Generation
A financial institution is using the system to run ad-hoc reports so that it can create leads for new sales campaigns. Each night information such as loan balances, credit ratings, debt ratios, etc. are loaded into ScribeBase.  The next day Marketing uses the ad-hoc reporting capability of ScribeBase to crunch the numbers to determine which clients might be good leads for new loan programs.
Fairs And Expos
Facility Rental And Tracking
A large expo center is using the system to track the rental of its facilities.  ScribeBase was loaded with all of the specs of all of the buildings located on the expo grounds.  As different organizations call to reserve buildings for different venues, ScribeBase is queried for building availability.  If the building is available, all renter information is entered into ScribeBase, an electronic rental agreement is generated from renter information and is e-mailed to the renter where it is printed and signed.
Information Sharing
A dairy co-op is using the system to share information with its member dairymen.  The co-op uses the system to track information on its member dairymen and their dairies.  In addition, the gallons of milk picked up at each dairy is tracked in the system.  The dairymen and the milk trucking company have been given Login Accounts and passwords so that they can see their own information.  Now co-op, trucking company and dairymen  can all make sure that their accounting of the number of gallons of milk being picked up, transported and dropped off is all in sync.
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