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How Does ScribeBase Pricing Work?

The pricing structure is simple.  You pay for what you use.  Pricing is not based on company size or number of SKUs.  This way all companies big or small are treated the same.


The monthly subscription rate is $50 per user per month per user.  This rate includes all of the current features of the application, and any updates or enhancements that are made to the system.  

Subscriptions are billed monthly.  User subscriptions can be added or removed at anytime.

The subscription includes 20MB of database storage space per user license.  If you require more storage space, you just add more subscriptions.

Free Trial

Click here to try it free for 30 days!  There's no commitment and no strings attached.  What better way to decide the number of subscriptions right for you.

Storage Calculations
To help you "ball-park" how much storage space your application might require, the following table gives examples of how much storage different types of records might require.  (Note that since each customer can customize its own system, you will most likely get different results from those shown below.)
Records Space
Customers 70,000 20MB
Orders 27,000 20MB
Products 52,000 10MB
Leads 35,000 10MB
Contacts 39,000 10MB
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